I left the north country in 1967, responding to the call that drew me to the sea by joining the  U. S. Navy. Back then I had no idea that I would end up spending over 20 years
in the  Navy. I have been a lot of places but none can compare with the north country. I
retired   from the Navy in 1988.  After a couple of years working in a shipyard in Maine
and a couple years working in Dutchess County, I finally came home to stay in November
1995  after being gone for 28 years. Never has anything been sweeter than to live in the
area where I spent my youth. The people and unspoiled beauty of the north country are

There are a few people in the North country that remember me after all these years.  I have heard all the tales and rumors about me, everything from being in prison somewhere to being dead.  Well the prison part is true now, I work at one of New York States Correctional Facilities here in Malone, NY.   The question "Where have you been?" is usually answered by my question "When?"  That, my friend, is a long story.  Since August of 1967 I have been to a lot of places.  A few of them I would never care to visit again but there are  lot of these places I really enjoyed.  States side I've been to Florida, Rhode Island, Illinois, Maine and Virginia during my career.  Overseas I've been to Vietnam, Thailand,  Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Malta,
Eygpt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, England and Scotland.

I am often asked"What is it like being a sailor?"  You can find many answers here in
The American Sailor.

For the curious, I grew up on a small farm in Fort Covington, NY.  My dads name was Charles L. Benware.  My mothers name was Charlotte (Havens)Benware.  I attended Salmon River Central School and graduated in 1967.

I am married to a great lady named Deborah.  She is from Ohio but has been a lot of places with me through the years in the Navy.  Altogether we have six children and six grand children with 7 due to arrive in March 2001.  Oh..and two spoiled cats named Puff and Piper.

   It's GREAT to be home!!!

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