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.This page is a dedication to the more than 2000 men and women
that never returned from Vietnam.

This page will be here as long as I live or until all our missing brothers and
sisters are in or on American soil

Years have passed and still these heros have never come home. I thank
..them for all they have done for us. I am a veretan too but I am home now.
These heros and their families have paid a terrible price for the love they
...had for our country. To many years have passed now and I fear they have
been transfered to staff duty with the

Supreme Commander

Amomg The Missing
Lt. Harry Seeber Mossman - USN

     HN Ronald Manning - USN  Ronald Manning is home!!!

You are not forgotten!!

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©1998John C. Benware MMCS(SW)
U.S. Navy (Retired)